Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Banshee! The Movie

It has been a long old while since I updated this blog and I really need to pay attention since Banshee is getting some pretty good press from the new X-Men: First Class movie.

Take a look at this cool mini-trailer:

All I can say is that I am geeking out majorly. And his scream sounds so awesome!  Much better than the sound he made in the old X-Men cartoon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

X-Force #23 Review

It stinks.

You would think that with Banshee on the cover you would have Banshee in the book!


No Banshee at all. Not even one panel!

It's a good thing that Necrosha is actually a pretty good story.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


X-Force #21 just arrived in the mail and Banshee returns halfway into the issue!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Banshee Returns?

Remember how I said that there wasn't any interesting Banshee news lately? Didn't I just say that only a mere few hours ago?

According to the newest Marvel solicitations, Banshee is back and on the cover of X-Force #23. It looks like he is one of the X-Men that comes back from the dead in the Necrosha storyline. And by judging the cover, he may not be alive for very much longer.

Banshee does not get the cover of Uncanny X-Men: First Class #7 but I am sure he will be in the series. I hope that Marvel continues with this fun series.

On the otherhand, Banshee is making an appearence along with the X-Men in Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #59.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time for Change

August 27th was the last day I updated this blog?


I could use the excuse that there have been no major (or even minor) Banshee news but I think I have used that before. Therefore it is time for a change.

I like Banshee and I like to write. So there is NO excuse for not posting more. So this is the last blog post for the next couple of weeks as I get prepared and write a few columns in advance. I have a bunch of topics that I can possibly cover and I am looking at doing at least one column every two weeks or so.

So what should I write about? Is there really enough Banshee to go around? I think there might be, I can be fairly geeky.

So look for some columns shortly.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hey! An Update!

You would think that the World's Greatest Banshee Fan(tm) would be blogging left and right about his favorite character but unfortunately, I am also lazy. No major Banshee news has left this fan rather depressed but I do have some tidbits.

I understand that Banshee is not a popular character but he is on a T-shirt. There is a cool X-Men group picture with Banshee included. You can see the T-shirt (and buy it, which I just might) here.

Unfortunately I cannot link the picture of the actual t-shirt but this is the image they used to produce the shirt:

The November Marvel Solicitations have come out and Banshee continues to appear in the Uncanny X-Men: First Class series.

Written by Scott Gray, pencils and cover by Roger Cruz.

The world trembles as the sky begins to boil! Professor X attempts a desperate rescue mission on the Starcore One satellite but a threat from galactic legend is waiting! Who are Burning Moon, Cloud Runner and Sky Song, and how are their fates tied to the X-Men? Earth faces destruction as the mutant heroes battle an unstoppable enemy... The Knights of Hykon! (All this and Nick Fury too!)

I'll try to have more timely updates and some other geeky stuff as well.